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What color is your toothbrush?
October 23, 2008, 11:39 am
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I recently made a trip to the dentist for my check up and cleaning, and am happy to report that I don’t need dentures just yet. But, I did get yelled at for not flossing like I should, and got a new toothbrush as well (it’s green). Call me silly, but I feel you can tell a lot about a person by the type and color of toothbrush they use. I didn’t realize this until a friend of mine (thanks Paige) brought this to my attention. But, needless to say, what a brilliant question!

So,…what color is/are your toothbrush/es?


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Yes!! I love it!! My toothbrush is actually.. well I have 5ish.. I have one in my bathroom that is pink, one at my parents house that is red, one at work that is yellow, and two in my truck.. a blue and a green.. (You laugh, but have you ever just needed to brush your teeth on the run… ) So.. what does that say about me.. ha ha.. good thing im going to be a dental Hygienist…. I think im obsessed.

Comment by Paige

green and white…it was a gift, don’t ask. 🙂

Comment by Jill

1 Oral B Sonic Electric at home
1 Pink at home (Kwynn picked it out)
1 Green (Doba Green), 1 Blue in my office
1 Orange in my backpack

Comment by shoelacediaries

I have one, but I couldn’t tell you the color to save my life.

Comment by Greg

Almost all of mine in the past have been blue and white. Right now I’ve got a green and white one. I don’t pick the color. My wife just buys them and brings them home.

Comment by HEAPS

Ahh geez. This issue has really been bothering me lately. Rob and I always seem to buy those “twin packs” of toothbrushes. Now last time we bought one, mine was blue and his was orange. With this most recent purchase, his is blue and mine is pink. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve looked down while brushing my teeth to see the pink toothbrush still in the cup. I realize we’re married, yada-yada-yada…but gross. Never again.

Comment by Melissa

I recently was made fun of for having so many tooth brushes by some guy that only had one and didn’t know or care what color it was. I read paige’s reply and was happy to hear that I was not the only one. Thus, I think this is an interesting question. I have one at work that is silver and perrywinkle, one in my car that is white and hot pink, 2 at home, (one hard bristles, one soft, depending on my mouth’s mood…strange, I know…) the hard one is white hot pink and neon green, the soft one is…new…I can’t remember the color… And finally I have a purple and white tounge brush which I am a big fan of! Good invention those tounge brushes! There are a few people I know that NEED to discover them…

Comment by Nicole

I get mine free from our Colgate rep, so I haven’t actually “chosen” a toothbrush in probably three years. Right now the one I am using is purple and white so I don’t really know what that says about me. Except that I’m a free loader.

Comment by Kalie

mine is pink…or purple depending on how hard I grip it…

Comment by aaron

Mine is red and white. We have to keep our toothbrushes at the highest point in our bathroom so Maddox doesn’t take them and chew the crap out of them.

Comment by Sara

I, too, believe you can tell much from the color of a person’s toothbrush.

Mine is red. The color of blood.

Comment by Stu the Non Flosser

My husband & I both have the cheap electric toothbrushes…both white, purple & Silver…mine is like a metallic purple & his more of a light purple…but we have this basket in our bathroom full of travel size toiletries that company can use whenever they are staying with us & it is FULL of the free toothbrushes…we have honestly like 30! In EVERY color imaginable! For some reason my husband likes to use a new one of these every week instead of his electric one??? It is crazy, I keep finding new, opened toothbrushes EVERYWHERE!

Comment by Lisa Farren

my toothbrush is light purple. i had to get an extra soft one and all the extra soft ones are pastel colors haha… ps. the reason i had to get the extra soft one is because being prego makes my gums sooo sensitive and every time i would brush they would BLEED!!!!! ahhh… it sucked. but the extra soft does the trick. :] not SO much blood in the sink every morning. haha…gross. i’m gross.

Comment by Whitley

mine is blue

Comment by Brock

I never brush my teeth, and I don’t wipe either.

Comment by Lex

I like boys…especially Jake.

Comment by James

My mommy still brushes mine for me…

Comment by Matt

My current one is blue. What does that say about me?

Comment by Mikal

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