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Life is Perfect Today
October 30, 2008, 6:59 am
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I am a man interested in background details. I think it adds a little more emotion to the situation, story, or experience.  With that said, here is are some background details to the below post.

The below writing was hand written on the back of a Disney Princess coloring book page  at 3:30am this morning. It was the closest thing to my bed that I could write on (thanks for letting me borrow a page Kwynn).  It is a result of a sleepless night (literally) due to a full heart, wandering mind, and passionate excitement. To write it, I used a pen (a freebie from eBay Live! Boston 2007) that I purposely put on the dresser next to my bed for situations just like this. A humidifier’s hum (to help with a horse throat from yelling at a football game) quietly provided a soundtrack to one of the most fulfilling and proud translations of my heart, mind, and soul I have ever attempted. With hopes of a more true delivery, this somewhat organized free-write is pretty close to the exact first draft that was hand written on the paper. I hope you enjoy.

Life is Perfect Today

This morning found me early today, yesterday never said good night,
My smile is a little bigger today, and greater is my insight.

My tears are of joy today, instead of full of fright,
My confidence rings true today, no need for a rewrite.

The air breathes more crisp today, not in the slight,
Music speaks to me more today, a soundtrack for life’s fight.

I have a new love today, the door is open with invite.
I’m trying to be more patient today, but can’t tame the excite.

My heart beats for her today; strong, warm, and upright,
I hope she has a better day today, different from days of trite.

She is in everything I see today, vision is clear site,
Life is perfect today, and not just alright.

She completes me more each day, I hope tomorrow comes tonight,
I can’t wait for tomorrow today, I hope today doesn’t say “goodnight.”


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Dude, great post.

Comment by Ryan

whoa. tht was awesome. beautiful. inspired.
funny, those words describe you too. miss you friend!

Comment by erica

Jake, you complete me more and more everyday. My heart beats stronger for you every moment of every day. You are my everything.

Comment by Aaron Sumsion

Darn good thoughts there Jake. I have had a few of those days myself and your posts here reminds of them. Thanks for sharing. What a gift.

Comment by Mikal

Hehehe Thats about me!!! Love ya honey

Comment by Jennie

I won’t let you eat off of our candy table anymore when you come over. 🙂 Even though I want you to. I will be a 2009 goal supporter.

Comment by Mrs. Green

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