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Jake’s 2009 New Year’s Resolutions
January 6, 2009, 12:26 pm
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New Year’s Resolutions…everyone makes them and it’s fair to say that most brake them. It is hard to create or change a habit, and that is one reason I think people don’t stick to their resolutions. However, I also think that the level of accountability has something to do with it as well. The more people they have to answer to, the more pressure there is on them to stick to it. So, with that said, I am posting my 2009 New Year’s resolutions (the one’s I feel comfortable sharing) here on my blog in a personally recorded video format (and text). This way, I have to answer to the world wide web instead of just myself, family, and close friends. Enjoy!

My friend Clark has helped inspire this post and idea of recording our resolutions, and has done the same thing. Thanks for your help and support Clark.

If you can’t see the video below, click here to watch it.

Jake A. Sabey’s 2009 New Years Resolutions: (In no particular order)

  1. Get below 200 lbs. before the end of January (Current weight: 206.8 lbs. on 01/06/09)
  2. Maintain a consistent weight of under 200 lbs. for the entire 2009 year.
  3. No carbonated or caffeinated beverages
  4. Complete at least 30 push ups and 30 sit ups everyday (Monday -Friday…resting on the weekend)

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What about carbonated/caffeinated beverages in solid or semi-solid forms? Like if you freeze a mountain dew, can you then eat it?

Comment by Clark

I guess that would be okay every once in a while…like every Wednesday or something like that. Lol.

Comment by shoelacediaries

Can we take bets on which ones you break and when you break them? HAHA. Any takers?
1.You should get this one!!
2.By the end of march…..
3.By the next week.
4.By tomorrow!!!

Comment by James

Dude… no carbonated beverages?! IMPOSSIBLE! I’m watching you!

Comment by Stu the (not so) Wise

you can do it dude

Comment by yancy


I’m Rachel a 30 year old teacher in Canada and I’ve read your blog. I found very interesting the part where you talk about “creating yourself” I would like to know what website or program you used to create a cartoon version of your daughter and yourself. I thought it was really cute and it could be useful for an activity in my classroom with my students who are learning English as a second language! Thank you in advance for sharing that information.

Comment by Rachel

Too bad you totally aren’t doing this. Haha

Comment by Wesly

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