Shoelace Diaries


My name is Jake Sabey. I am 26 years old, currently living in Orem Utah attending the Utah Valley University studying Communications with an emphasis in Journalism and Public Relations. Communication is key to life. With that in mind, I enjoy music of all kinds, but more than just listening to it. There is much more to music than words and or a tune…it is some form of communication. I feel I understand the reasoning behind why musicians are who they are and what drives them to produce what they do. I have a lot of respect for anyone and everyone who sets goals in efforts to make their dreams come true.


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That is so punk rock!

Comment by Bryce

My brotha! Long time no hear! I stumbled across your blog, and thought I’d say hey. I’d love to hear from you sometime…hope all is well. We’re still in Seattle, but are preparing to move to Pittsburgh, PA in June. More on that when we connect. Hope to hear from you soon…

Comment by Rick Shumway

how cute coach

Comment by Colby the Johnson

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