Shoelace Diaries


 What is Shoelace Diaries?

There are many quotes or sayings that involve feet and or shoes; “Walk a day in my shoes“, “Take things one step at a time” and so on. I live by the phrase, “Your feet walk you into experience“. It can be taken literally or figuratively. That is part of the reason I like shoes so much. Since I am wearing shoes most of the time on my feet, my shoes are what walks me into experience.

Keep that floating in the back of your mind as you ponder this… I also like to write; however, I feel that life doesn’t always give me time or allow me to sit down with a pen and paper, or in front of a computer to write in a journal or diary. So, starting in High School, I took my love for shoes and inability to journal and combined them into a habit forming reminder of what I have experienced, who I experienced it with, and how I can take it to where I want to go.

Thus my Shoelace Diary was born. This is how it works:

  1. Experience a huge change, acknowledge a new understanding and or be a part of something special or abnormal
  2. Notice type of shoes or foot coverings worn during this occasion.
  3. If shoes:
    • Take out right shoelace and cut into the same number of pieces as number of people with you at the time, making sure there is enough shoelace for you to tie around your wrist.
    • Give remaining pieces left over to whoever shared that time with you.
    • Take left shoelace and place in collection.
    • Replace shoelaces in shoes.
    • Live life accordingly
  4. If other form of footwear, be creative. (I usually wear shoes, so I don’t have to take this step most of the time.)

After adopting this form of Shoelace Diary, I recruited my friends, and they started participating in it as well. We also called our child-hood dream of becoming rock stars the “Shoelace Diaries Project“. That is all I have to say about that. (Meaning that the dream was a dream, not a reality.)


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You never cut me any shoelace from our special time together…what’s that about?!? 🙂

Comment by Lisa Farren

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